We need donations! We currently are unable to grant any funds due to a lack of donations. You can still apply and we will keep it on file. Please give us time to get in touch with you if you mail or email any applications or questions. Our organization is all volunteer and it can take us some time to get through all the emails we receive


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Hi! I am Sara Martinez, founder of Hip Dysplasia Funding. Hip Dysplasia is a sad disease. It hurts to watch your pet – who often is just like any other beloved member of the family – struggle and suffer. It breaks your heart. Even worse, many dogs suffer from Hip Dysplasia or are euthanized because surgery or other medical care has become ridiculously expensive. Our organization is a 501(c)3, all volunteer, non-profit organization and we are the only organization that was strictly founded to help dogs with hip dysplasia.

We have granted over $15,000 to dogs in need & helped these families get through a difficult time with their pet. The families and rescues that applied love their pets, but just couldn’t afford expensive treatments or surgery needed to make their pet feel better. This broke their hearts. Many dogs we have helped are under the age of 2. How can you put a dog down that has just started living when the surgery is available, just too expensive for you to afford. These people did not, they researched, they found us, and we granted funds donated by other amazing pet lovers like you.

Hip Dysplasia Funding is a labor of love for me and my husband, David. In 2006, our new puppy “Hemi” was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and we were told he would need costly hip replacement surgery. We were distraught. Not only was our “baby” suffering, we really couldn’t afford to help make him better!

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I began to research options, desperately trying to find something I could do. Amazingly, I eventually stumbled upon some natural remedies that changed Hemi’s life so drastically he ended up NOT needing surgery at all! Asour life changed, we decided we wanted – we needed – to help others going through the same thing we had & not knowing what to do, who to trust, & what options were truly available. And so, the Hip Dysplasia Funding Organization was born!

The primary goal of the organization is to provide needy families (and dogs!) with the financial help they so desperately need to get the necessary surgery or treatment for Hip Dysplasia. We also strive to help others become educated about the disease and their different options. Finally, we also seek to provide some financial assistance to rescues with dogs that need surgery as well.

Here on our website, you can meet the dogs we have helped & those currently in need of a miracle. You can make a donation to a specific dog or to the organization itself. YOU can be the miracle these dogs and families are praying for.

We are very thankful for all of the donations that we have received. We know that times are hard, but we appreciate any donation you are able to make. Every dollar helps us get closer to helping a dog in need.

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